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In the beginning, God banished from the gods.
Anatdeon that belong to both good and evil abyssia is a memory that far gone.

After long time research in the existence of God, but humans,
As long as the target of the human fear of the gods, did not reveal their knowledge easily.
But abyssia is "forbidden library" and made, somewhere in the knowledge of God, the forbidden knowledge
The "abyssia library" is that there were rumors began.

Only those invited to a place where you can access.

Now you start to undermine the abyss on the secret files.

"Abyss" is available for free play.

▶ Game Description
 - A new type of dungeon type RPG game.
 - Each of the nine distinctive character of each of the characters and the story progresses.
 - The operation is simple, but the deep strategic combat system.
 - More than 200 species of various weapons and upgrades in many forms!

▶ navigate the dungeon! Find the legendary library!
 Volcano, mercury swamps, underground cemeteries, libraries, Secret Garden, fanatical altar, abyss! Do not ever experience
   Adventure and battle a mysterious world!
 - The different kinds of areas to explore various dungeons and Solve the mystery of the abyssia!
 - Stealth monsters, hidden treasure, secret passages, such as waiting for your adventure.

▶ simple but fast-paced combat
  - Combat progress in real time, and the operation is simple, but the exact timing depends winner!
  - Nine unique skills to use a variety of characters, and through a variety of combinations to create the ultimate party look.
  -Player game of skill enhancement system has its own dungeon to explore effective strategies to skill enhancement is possible.

▶ "the abyss fear of the devil angels do exist"
  - Turns out that the mysterious the abyss of the secrets in the world, invites you to a mysterious story.
  - Revenge of the family, the secrets of the kingdom, lost memories, family honor, tribal stories of hope ... with their nine invitees
  - Each with a character with the story of the abyss "forbidden knowledge" to find your departure.

* Recommended
  - CPU: Dual Core or higher
  - Memory: 1Gb or more (at least 50Mb of free space)

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タイトル Abyssia
開発者 BuffStone CO.,LTD.



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