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★★★The coolest pet raising in the history + Eliminate type of combat mobile game, good opinion came as tides! ★★★
★★★First charge can get double the Sorcerer's Stone! Why not action!★★★
★★★Celebrations underway! You can get God Department of gourmet pet if you invite your friends together to experience the "" Puzzles and Monsters"" now.★★★
==============About the Game==============
Pass through The door of time and space, waking the gods!
Three-elimination battle mode, Open a new problem!
Legend biological big collection! Synthesis X Strengthen X Collect, fighting broke out!
★Eliminate, who says very simple?
You have unlimited time, can be used to thinking.
Thinking about how to move the gems and eliminate them, and how to reach more batter.
★Strong enemy front, the wins need your wisdom!
If the gem is eliminated, pet of the same color with gems will attack monsters.
In the fall before the enemy,as much as possible to eliminate it.
★A good team, is a prerequisite for victory!
Reasonable combination of the team will almost always successful in combat.
You have a lot of choice, quickly join the ranks of your favorite pet.
★Your friends, maybe in here!
Pick the one players start with unknown adventure.
After the battle, do not forget to invite him / her to be your friend.

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Puzzles and Monstersの基本情報

タイトル Puzzles and Monsters
開発者 iFree Studio Limited



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