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Loan Calculator is useful for anyone who wishes to take up a loan from the bank or simply loan money to a friend. Apart from the usual monthly payment calculation, Loan Calculator also enables you to calculate any one of the following based on the inputs from the other 3:
a) Monthly or Yearly Payment
b) Interest Rate
c) Loan Amount
d) Loan Term

How to use Loan Calculator:
Select the variable that you wish to calculate, key in the input for the other 3 variables and the result will be generated for you. On top of that, interactive graphs and comprehensive amortization tables are available.

List of Features include:
1) Results are updated automatically whenever one of the variables change
2) Flexibility to choose monthly or yearly payment and set preferred default type of payment
3) Flexibility to choose loan term in years or months and set preferred default type of loan term
4) Flexibility to calculate any item you want, be it loan amount, loan term, monthly payment or interest rate based on inputs from the other 3 items
5) Customize your separators and number of decimal places
6) Choose your start & end date and loan term will automatically be updated OR choose your start date & loan term and your end date will automatically be updated
7) Two kinds of amortization tables are available:
a) Yearly basis
b) Monthly basis
8) Two kinds of charts are available:
a) Pie chart that allows you to view your total interest & loan amount as a percentage of your total repayment
b) Line graph that does point-by-point plotting of your loan amortization on a yearly basis
9) Quote of the day for tablet versionLoan Calculator is brought to you by Handy Apps and is completely free to use.Download Loan Calculator now!

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