• Dark Puzzle City-puzzle games
Dark Puzzle City-puzzle games

Dark Puzzle City-puzzle games

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Dark Puzzle City: Punish the Traitors!Smash the villains in puzzle games, and build your own Dark City.***
A man in a trenchcoat is standing in a dark alley,
filled with hatred and a sense of purpose. He gives forth a guttural growl…"We have to reclaim this city from THEM."It was glorious once upon a time… the "Golden City", they called it.
Industry, finance, ecological wealth and art. It was a town full of its citizens' dreams, and all others' envy.I wonder when it began. The greed of the people got out of hand,
politics and the economy became corrupt; even the police fell into the hands of evil… and before long, it changed."
Into a "Dark City" of eternal night.Reclaim this city! The man who remembers nothing but this mission
, in order to save his city from corruption, has started the fight for money and construction plans all by himself.
***● How to play
▼ Clear the puzzle quests quickly every day
Your special weapons and techniques will be put to the test.Challenge your enemies to obtain construction plans and coins. Then use those to buy up all the buildings from the real estate clan, and build your very own town…
(The purchase and construction of buildings is carried out automatically over a fixed time interval.)Connect with your friends via Facebook!
When you make friends, you can visit each other's cities and fight together by tapping the car symbol. You can also exchange building plans acquired in puzzles!

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タイトル Dark Puzzle City-puzzle games
開発者 アリスマティック



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