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The main character; Zolaman is one of very popular cartoon character for children’s story book and it reconstructed as game now! Zolaman Robot gunz is the shooting game which has unlimited combating game plays with powerful Boss and different weapons of all kinds and upgrading system! [Zolaman Robot Gunz Tip!]
1. Collecting “Gold” to Upgrade Weapon!
- Unexpected pattern from super strong Boss!
- “Collecting Gold then Upgrading weapon” is the best way for protection!
- Weapon Type
A_ Steam Power Gun: Basic weapon which has high shooting speed
B_ Zola Machine Gun: A rapid rifle fire machine gun!
C_ Steam Power Canon: Defeat the enemies with a super powerful canon!
D_ Zola Launcher: Extremely powerful launcher defeat stepping on the ground with a foot. 2. Use lethal moves to the Boss!
Collect the Power Stone then attack with the several lethal moves to the Boss.
*Warning: Only same color stones are available to use lethal move. 3. Attack Boss’s weak point!
Boss will getting weak if get shot at the Target point above Boss. (Keep watch the Target point since it keep moves) 4. Unlimited challenge!
- Able to play if cleared up-to stage 5 at Story mode. You will experience Real “Hell mode” if you cannot handle the Boss which will come out every two minutes. You must upgrade weapons at the Survivor mode and needed to be a master controlling weapon.

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タイトル Zolaman Robot Gunz HD
開発者 STRASTAR Communications



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