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In the endless sea, there dotted with countless islands that hiding tempting treasures waiting for people to discover, however, if you no enough courage and wisdom, you may be trapped in the island forever ...

Remember your Dream to be the King of Pirates , so what are you still waiting for? Go sailing, find the buried treasure on those mysterious islands, let the courage and wisdom to prove you are worthy the honor.

The whole game is cartoon adventure style, function keys are integrated with rich picture units, which make the player in the game could feel a real world of pirates.

the player in the game need to push for exploration of magic props, collect the island's treasure by using the magic props, you were able to leave the island if you had enough treasure, the method is applied the magic props to stand on the end of open export, which not only need you to apply the pieces of magic props correctly, but also analysis and observe the whole map . Sumnarize experience and looking for rule to conquer the buried treasure islands.
《The Pirate Treasure 》 is a new educational and leisure game, players need to use their observation and analysis ability to obtain the treasure boxes in the map and open the authority to leave the isles eventually. The whole picture is vivid and lovely tropical island style, level difficulty increased step by step. The game process was full of humor and wit.
Come on, the honor of Pirate King was waiting for you!!!!!!

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タイトル PirateStore
開発者 ZQGame, Inc.



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