• Grumps!? Japanese OTAKU BATTLE
Grumps!? Japanese OTAKU BATTLE

Grumps!? Japanese OTAKU BATTLE

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It is the year 2xxx. The Smilies of Smileyville have been living happily and in
Until the invasion… The invasion of the grumps from Grump Planet.
Their invasion serves only one purpose: they want to express their feelings! They do not have smiley emoticons on their own planet.
Now they want to use the Smilies to express their feelings in their e-mails.
What an awful war… We must put an end to this madness! ----------------------
How To Play
---------------------- ●Units
As you progress in the game, the angry grumps' attacks also increase in
intensity. You must strengthen your allied smiley units and win new
allies in order to prevail. ●Strengthening
You can strengthen your Smiley units for gold coins.
This allows you to create high-powered Smiley units
even without exchanging the normally necessary jewels. ●Unlocking units
You can unlock new Smiley units by clearing stages, or by spending gold coins.
Some of these units have special powers, so you can gain battle advantages
by steadily increasing the number of your allies ●The Grumps
The Encyclopedia of Grumps allows you to view those Grumps that you have
already encountered in battle.
You might just about learn some surprising facts about them! ●The stages
① Choose a stage
② Choose an area to protect
③ Select a unit! Complete all the stages and save the houses of charming Smileyville from the attacking Grumps! ●Courage
You need the Smilies' courage to combat the Grumps!
Used-up courage is replenished after a set time,
or you can recharge it using gems. ●Battle
Prevent the Grumps from drawing near by using your gems to deploy units.
You win by stopping the Grumps' progress completely! ●Challenges
As you proceed along the stages, certain places will hold special challenges
that will advance the stage of the battle. Find Smileys that can stand their ground, and overcome these obstacles! ●Helpers Even if you've failed to keep all the Grumps out when the time is up, don't worry!
You can use Qigong once for each separate road to wipe them all out. But be careful: if you don't set up a character afterwards, you can't protect the smileys! ●Rematching
Using a gem will allow you to recover and rematch even after losing a battle.

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Grumps!? Japanese OTAKU BATTLEの基本情報

タイトル Grumps!? Japanese OTAKU BATTLE
開発者 アリスマティック



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