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Tokyo End

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Presented by Ninja-Egg.

TokyoEnd is proudly developed in Japan by a small team.
Thanks for supporting us!

...... Year 2106.

After many conflicts with overseas the city has been divided into sub zones.
Since then, the entire defense system has been installed on the border in Zone 1.

You are a young disciple in quest of adventure.
Hacking the Defense System of the city, your mission is to invade deep into the city zones to catch balloons and expand the collection of your client.

Destroy everything in your way to travel far through the city.
Buildings, houses, vehicles, army units, do not let anything get you down.

TokyoEnd is an old-school shooter game and requires a lot of energy from every player, challenging them to collect and unlock everything in the game.

Good luck to everyone!


* Full 3D!
* Able to destroy absolutely everything, full of explosions!
* Super exciting and dynamic!!
* Environment matches with your device internal clock (Day/Sunset/Night)!
* 3 types of super powerful weapons to unlock & upgrade!
* Robots to unlock!
* Making-Of items to unlock!
* Balloon viewer to review your collection at any time!
* Cross Platform Scoring system that ables you to login on different device, and lets you make backups of your best score!

This application has beautiful graphics and runs perfectly on new generation devices.
It might run slower on older devices.
iOS 7 or later OS version is required.

Videos Preview :

- Trailer :
- Balloon session :
- First Play :

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